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Export of coir and coir products from India during 2006-07 to an all time high with a dramatic increase in volume and value. In value terms, exports amounted to Rs.605.17 Crores coconut to achieve 19% growth in value of exports of 1.69 lakh tons coir products. Increasing volume is 32,728 tons, and cost Rs.96.72 Crores. The following quality coir products are available for Export.

1.Coir Yarn : Coir yarn is generally 2 threads, coir yarn by hand and using traditional ratts, fully automatic spinning machines etc.

2.Coir Mats - Creel Mats : Creel mats are made both on handlooms and power looms.

3.Coir Mats - Fibre Mats : Coir Mats are made of hypotheses on looms or frames, with or without brush

4.Coir Mats- Rod Mats, Corridor Mats, Carnatic Mats : Rod Mats have a higher pile than Creel mats. Corridor Mats are without brush mats with ribbed effect on both sides. carnatic Mats are attractive and thin.

5.Coir Mats - Loop Mats, Mesh Mats, Sinnet Mats : Loop Mats pile is formed by loops of coir. Mesh mats are non-brush type. Sinnet mats are non-brush type, made from coconut braid.

6.Matting Rugs : Coir Mattings are cut rug size, ends bound, tucked in, fringed or rubber seal for use as area rugs.

7.Coir Pith : This is an excellent tool and is widely used as a soil less medium for agri-horticulture.

8.Garden Articles : From the Centers for pots hanging baskets, coir makes almost every accessory that is essential for contemporary gardening. Coconut husk chips are also widely used in horticulture applications.

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